Congratulations! You’re ready for a horse show! The challenge of testing the horsemanship and sportsmanship skills you have learned against the skills of other competitors can be very rewarding. Here are a few suggestions to help you get started:

The First Stride– Check out the list of participating shows that In Your Dreams Farm will be attending or hosting on our Event Calendar. Talk to your parents and to your instructor about your desire to participate. Choose a show to fit your family’s schedule and sample budget (see below). Attending a show (even one held here at In Your Dreams Farm) is a big commitment. Add your name to the list in the office of the show you wish to attend. And we will email you the prize list and show packet.

The Second Stride– Your instructor will help you decide what horse that will be best for you for the show. Riders who have an exclusive horse will get that horse at the show. You will ride your selected show partner a few weeks before the big day.

The Third Stride – Talk to your instructor about the proper attire to wear to the competition. You will be responsible for looking your very best as you enter the show arena. You also will be responsible for the care and grooming of your horse. If you need any help with purchases for the show and anything else your horse may need for your big day.

The Fourth Stride – The day before the show, you will “school” your horse with your coach. This is a chance to practice your learned skills and get comfortable with what the competition will be like. For away shows you will school at the show grounds, but if it’s a home show we will school at the farm the day before.

The Fifth Stride – The day of the show, you will have your horse bathed and clipped, your tack cleaned and conditioned, and yourself dressed and ready at the designated time. You will be given a check sheet before the show and the day of the show we recommend that you wear pajama bottoms over your show pants, so you don’t get them dirty before your class. Remember to be patient. Horse shows often require you to wait many hours before it is your turn to compete. Your coach may be busy helping many other students, so sit back and enjoy watching the competition before and after you compete. You will learn a lot! And remember you should stay to cheer on your fellow riders and support them as well.

The Big Stride -Understanding the many costs involved in showing is a large part of your commitment. We will send out a rate sheet before the show so you know exactly what to expect.

The Next Stride – Invite your entire family to share this experience with you! Competing is a wonderful confidence builder and it’s fun to have people who love you cheer you on! Mark your calendar. We will see you at the horse show!

In-House Horse Shows-

In Your Dreams Equestrian Center, is going to be hosting horse shows through the year and we invite you to join us and invite your friends to show as well. These our great opportunities for new riders to be in there first show or its a great practice for a bigger show. These shows give the riders the opportunity to begin showing, or practice for other shows in a relaxed, easy, fun yet competitive environment. All of these shows are one day, making it an easy commitment. We offer a variety of shows from traditional Hunter/ Equitation, Jumpers, Dressage and Fun Shows.

Georgia Interscholastic Riding Association (GIRA) Shows-

Is a local show circuit very similar to IEA (Interscholastic Equestrian Association) shows. GIRA shows are offered monthly and are very affordable!!!  Unlike a standard show the hosting farm provides you a different horse to ride in every class of the show. Riders are put into a classes beginner thru advanced and three divisions are offered at these shows; equitation on the flat, equitation over fences (optional), and dressage. These shows are great intro to the horse show world. GIRA makes you understand the more difficult IEA show series as well as competitions in college. At these shows you get to attend a year end awards banquet in May.

C Rated Shows GHJA,GDCTA – the next step…

We encourage all of our riders once they have gotten their feet wet at the In Your Dreams Farm Shows and GIRA to participate in some of the C shows as well. This gives our riders added incentive to continue to work hard! Usually held over two days, these shows test both the rider’s skills, as well as the horse. C shows are State and locally recognized and have year-end banquets, as well as fun Derby classes – great fun for all to participate and spectate. These shows are very rewarding as they have many different classes. It is amazing to go and spend the weekend with your friends and family along with showing your equine friend and getting to watch many riders of all levels compete.

A&AA Rated Shows GHJA… and you’ve arrived…

A shows are the top level of competing, placing your rider at a national level.  These shows are more expensive to participate in as well as require a higher quality mount in order to be competitive.  In Your Dreams Farm participates in competitions up and down the east coast with the goal of qualifying riders for national finals in the hunters, jumpers, and equitation.

IEA Shows

IEA shows are specific to the 6th-12th grade members of the IEA Team.  Each rider is allowed to participate in 5 regular season shows in hopes of qualifying for post-season competition.  IEA requires formal show attire but is overall more cost efficient because you use horses provided by the hosting teams. Most of our riders do these shows in addition to the in farm shows, GIRA, C shows and A shows, adding another layer  their riding.what it is like to ride different horses and it makes you a better rider in the long run.


Let In Your Dreams Farm take you into the ribbons, IYD Equestrian Center Academy Program promotes confidence through the joys of equine camaraderie at the show competition level. Riders in the Academy Program have an opportunity to gain show ring experience and perfect their riding skills on one of our school horses before purchasing a show horse if and when you are ready. IYD participates in several horse shows each year that offer Academy-level riding. Learn More or inquire within.




The goal is to build student’s positive self-esteem, communication, responsible decision making and leadership skills through team work, scholarship, sportsmanship and, now, horsemanship. This opportunity is great for your college resume and also in advancing your riding. You not only learn more about horses and showing and riding. You also get to make a lot of new friends and get to ride many different horses of all levels and abilities.