Green as Grass Program

Green as Grass Program

 In Your Dreams Farm is proud to announce our new green as grass program. We offer an amazing experience on Saturday‚Äôs to anyone who is wanting to get to spend more time with horses and around the barn. It will be a fun filled experience were riders spend 4 hours at the barn packed full of different learning and hands on activities and a riding lesson as well.

Our action packed green as grass program is filled with 1 hour working in the barn learning all about what it takes to care for horses, by cleaning stalls, cleaning buckets filling waters and cleaning up around the barn. The second hour is spent doing equine educational learning about all aspects of the horse industry. The third hour is spent doing our riding lesson. The fourth hour is spent with breaks and caring for your horse after your ride.

The green as grass program is a great way to introduce the work and responsibility that goes with horse ownership.



We charge fee of $55.00 per Saturday or purchase a package of 4 Saturday Green as Grass lessons for $200 (a $20.00 savings).

When purchasing the Green as Grass Saturday lesson or the package there is a 60 day period to take your lesson or your package.