Join our Barn Management Account Program

(BMA Program is NOT required to board at our farm)

Ever wondered if there was an easier way to handle your horse’s health care management? At IYD Farm we have the solution for you and your horse!

In Your Dreams Farm (BMA Program)  is the answer we will have you complete a form with your respected horse health care providers listed and  the frequency of care you want. All blacksmith, veterinarian services and all other horse health care professionals are closely monitored and scheduled through our team if you are enrolled in our Barn Management Account Program (BMA Program). By having these tasks monitored and scheduled by a third party it leaves our boarders free to focus solely on the enjoyment of their horses.  You may choose your own equine professionals and their regularity seeing your horse(s).

If you do not choose to be enrolled in our (BMA Program) and if you do need us to hold your horse for an appointment there will be an $8 charge for each occurrence and we will not pay your vendor through our barn account.

How does it work? –  Example, if you would like to have your horse shod every 6 weeks. We will call your farrier the week before your horse is due and schedule the appointment and stand with your horse during its session. We will then pay your farrier afterwards with a farm check and deduct the cost from your in-house (BMA Program). We ask that you keep a monthly balance of $300 in your account this is to pay for your horse(s) vendor’s service, and no other services the farm offers! We will write the check to your permitted professional and then they won’t be waiting on getting a payment from you. At the end of the month you will get a detailed statement outlining your expenses that month and how much you need to include in your next month’s board to get your balance back to $300.

What is the cost?- IYD charges a monthly fee of $10 to manage your  individual (BMA Program). A minimum balance of $300 is required in your account monthly.

If you have more questions please email us.