A La Carte Boarding Fees

 Upfront expenses, no hidden fees!

Additional Stall Cleaning $10/ per occurrence or $300 per mo.

$2/ per occurrence or $60 per mo.

for dry stall boarders


for traditional boarders

Administering medications (orally or intramuscularly) $5/ per occurrence
Bandaging/Cold Hosing/Medicine Application $8 per application
Beet pulp/alfalfa cubes/pellets wetting fee $10/mo. 1x day  $20/mo. 2x day Owner provides the beet pulp/alfalfa pellets or cubes
Blanket washing $? Contracted out
Body Clipping $175/ per occurrence Trace Clipping $125
Boots/Fly Spray or Sunscreen application $15/mo. Owner Must Provide
Catching Horses for Owner $15 each time
Daily Hoof Picking $30/mo.
Dropping Feed $2/per occurrence prepackaged meals or $60 per mo.

$4/ per occurrence for un-packaged meals or $120 per mo.

Dry Stall Boarder Only

Must be labeled and dated.

Fan Fee $20/mo. Summer Months Only/Owner Must Provide their own fan
Feed Upcharge subject to a reasonable additional charge Determined by how much is needed over 4  Qt’s per meal or any specialized feeds
Grooming, tacking, and un-­‐tacking of horse $15/ per occurrence
Half Grooming $75/mo. Horse will be groomed 15 days a month
Holding for Farrier/Vet $8/ per hour IYD Charges a holding fee if you or your vendor doesn’t do it for you.
Lunch Feeding is available at a reasonable additional charge
Lunging $15/ per 20 minutes 20 minutes
Mane Pulling $20/ per occurrence
Manure Disposal $30/mo. Only required to boarders that’s are partial or dry stall boarders
Monthly Training Package $325/mo. 3-4 rides per week
Other Hays Can be fed if provided by owner.
Other Services not listed $15 per hour/ per occurrence Negotiable on a monthly basis
Premium Shavings  or Extra Deep Shavings $100/mo. Your Choice of Extra Shavings Woody pet, Fine Pick, or Big Flake (Premium)
Private Turnout (4 hours max per day) $120/mo. (required for stallions) Or  free in grass bucking paddocks
Private Turnout Requested days $2/per day  i.e. medical or training reason
Safety Fee if horse is 7.5 on scale or higher $50-100/mo. If your horse is determined 7.5 or above on handling scale
Sheath Cleaning $15/ per occurrence
Show bath $20 /per occurrence
Show prep clip (muzzle/bridle path, fetlocks, ears) $20/ per occurrence
Stall Holding Fee $15/day or $350/month  For clients on the circuit
Storage/Equipment Stall $350/mo. Or $200/for each stall over 2 optional fee for dry stall lessees only
Supplements $15 if not on Smart Paks/or prepackaged by owner
Trailer Parking (limited availability) $60.00/mo.
Training Rides $25 per ride 30-45 minutes
Veterinary Directed Medical Care Night Care/Sick Horse Care $15 approximately/ per occurrence Case by Case Basis • (30 minute minimum; basic first aid for short term minor scrapes or scratches included in all Board packages)
Window Stall $25/month or $10/month if enrolled in IYD Riding academy If available fee waived for first 8 boarders in 2017-18
Worming $15 per dose 4x a year A notice of the day IYD farm has scheduled their quarterly deworming will be posted in the feed room and in the office. Boarders have to deworm their horse and bring us the empty tube within 4 days of due date. Or you will be invoiced and horse will be dewormed. A recent fecal count report is also acceptable.